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Film Fixer
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Film Fixer

What is something common between the movie The Hangover II, Singapore & London Agencies shooting TVCs, International Recording Artists shooting MVs, as well as many other numerous indie films and music videos? They all shoot on a regular basis in Thailand and because the locations are endless and amazingly beautiful and cost options are more than affordable compared to any other place in the west and Asia! And every single one of these productions required a fixer to start the process.

No matter the size of budget and production, our film fixers are here to help. Your production may have a handful of people coming into Thailand to shoot a documentary and you may only need to rent a few lights and a Canon C300-or your production may be shooting a TVC for a Tokyo Agency and you need to arrange beach locations, 60 crew members, and rent multiple lighting trucks and cameras. Whichever of these productions is yours, or wherever between these you are, we are here to help guide you and provide everything you need, from permits all the way to low-key run and gun film-making. Our film fixer will help you  get the shot you need for your production and for your client!


Our local film fixers

– Are fluent in Thai, English, and various other languages

– Have a first hand knowledge of the best locations in Thailand

– Have many years of experience in Film, Music Video and TVC Production

– Understand what it takes to get the shot

– Have first-hand relationships with local crew and equipment houses, e.g. RED Epic/Dragon, ARRI Alexa/Amira, Canon C300/500, 5D, BMCC

– Arrange all needed permits and permissions for your shoots

– Arrange all needed Visas for you and your crew, and also airport pickup and dropoff