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We are Wind Up Films, a Bangkok based Production House. We love what we do – helping our clients realize their vision from conception through execution and completion. With over 20 years of combined experience and productions for giants like Y&R, DDB, Unilever, Apple, Clean & Clear, Land Rover, Nike, MasterCard and P&G, and also local productions, we have managed and produced it all. We provide all Line Production Services and Production Management and also all of the following provisions.

  • Above the Line Producing
  • Line Producers
  • Production Management(PM, UPM)
  • Film Fixers
  • Location Scouting
  • Film Permits and Film Permissions for the Kingdom of Thailand
  • DOPs
  • Directors
  • Equipment and Crew
  • Other Key Creatives (Wardrobe, Hair, Makeup)
  • Specialty (Stunts, Special Effects, Etc)

We ensure on a one stop service for all of your production needs.

Contact us and fill out the form, we respond fast. :)

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