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Scene-stealing imagery such as this is on-call in Laos thanks to a local film fixer.

Filming a feature or TV series in a country like Laos isn’t always easy, but with the help of a film fixer, the process pays off. This emerging nation has a developing economy and a growing native film industry. Highly mountainous and blessed with pristine, remote wilderness areas, Laos is sure to provide any story with an epic backdrop. Wind Up Films has been fixing for visiting productions in Laos for many years now. We’re acutely aware of the idiosyncrasies of this unique nation. With the right local backup, we’re sure your next Laos production will have a captivating effect on viewers and audiences. In this article, we’ll go into detail about what makes Laos so special and how a film fixer can help unlock its potential. 

We’ll cover location scouting and management, permits, and crew and equipment fixing. Film fixers are professional locals with language skills, cultural knowledge, and connections to get the job done. Wind Up Films has fixer staff on call in Laos and all other Asia Pacific nations. With any questions, inquiries, or quote requests, feel free to call, email, or fill out the form below. Otherwise, read on to learn more!

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Laos Fixing And Production Support

From pre-production to post-, a Laos fixer will labor in the trenches until the job is done.

Laos is a country that has yet to catch up to neighbors such as Vietnam and Thailand. This country’s infrastructure is not as well-established, and the native film industry is still in development. This means that a film fixer in Laos will prove especially beneficial. Setting up production here will entail negotiating and communicating with locals who have never dealt with producers and directors before. With a local fixer on hand, everything will proceed more smoothly and efficiently. Film fixers go right to work as soon as they’re hired by a production that intends to shoot in Laos. These fixers have vast local networks and connections, which they call on to arrange everything from visas, import fees, paperwork, and logistics such as lodging and transportation. 

Essentially a fixer’s duties are numerous. Fixers act as local guides, translators, negotiators, diplomats, and liaisons. It doesn’t stop there, though. Wherever there is a need, fixers heed the call to action. They continually problem-solve and multitask, while also preempting obstacles and ensuring production efficiency is maintained.

Location Scouting And Management Fixer Services

The golden hour seems to last twice as long in Laos.

When a foreign, visiting director or producer decides they want to shoot in Laos, they have very specific reasons for doing so. Laos has many sites that have yet to grace the silver screen. These include natural wonders and archaeological sites alike. In the 21st century, it’s tough to produce something original, set against a backdrop that evokes a sense of wonder and novelty. That’s why big-budget features, as well as series, are increasingly looking at Laos as a potential filming destination. Film fixer professionals in Laos will be able to assist with all aspects of production. Their services will prove particularly indispensable during pre-production, however, they remain on-call throughout principal photography and even into post-production as well. 

Location scouting is a key service provided by fixers and a pivotal stage of pre-production. Any experienced director will agree, choosing the right locations is highly important. Locations effect both on-screen scenery as well as logistical considerations and budgeting. Choose the right locations, and everything else can fall into place. Film fixers labor day and night to liaison with property owners and managers. Fixers can also help track down absentee owners in order to help production staff access ideal settings.

Permits Fixing Services

Permits are of paramount importance and film fixers expedite this process.

Deciding which locations to film a documentary or television pilot in is only half the battle, and a fixer’s job isn’t done yet. This is because fixers are also highly beneficial when it comes to obtaining the proper paperwork and licenses. Failure to do so could potentially delay production or halt it entirely, and film fixers are aware of the importance of this factor. They will take no shortcuts until everything is officially sanctioned. A Laos film fixer will go above and beyond the call of duty to reach out to their network. They know who to talk to at which offices and when. Fixers know what all the fees are and strive for complete transparency with budget allocations. They leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of production success.

Equipment And Crew Fixer Services Laos

Finding the right local crew and equipment is part of a Laos film fixer’s key duties.

With locations chosen and all the necessary permits in place, the only thing missing is local crew and equipment support. Even higher budget productions will elect to hire local backup crew and rent gear from houses in Vientiane, the Laos capital. Again, film fixers heed the call to action. Not only will a Laos film fixer have a network of non-film industry officials to call on, but they also know where to procure the latest gear and hire knowledgeable crew trained up to Western standards. For instance, a fixer will know which DOPs speak English, and which are fluent in Mandarin. Fixers will know how to find a complete wardrobe team, and also which casting agents are available in the country. Additionally, fixers are able to help with the hiring of extras for a crowd scene, or even vehicle rigs for an elaborate stunt sequence.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article on why a Laos film fixer is a valuable addition to your next project in this country. Wind Up Films has many years of experience fixing here, and we’re certain you will agree that Laos is a country of cinematic splendor. Reach out to us any time and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about bringing your next shoot to Laos or any other Asia Pacific nation. Have a wonderful day.

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