Drones: Things to remember

Drones: Things to remember



Drones are an important part of a production where aerial shots are involved. Drones in Thailand productions are really popular, especially in locations by the beach and in the city. We have our own in-house drone that we use and our fixers make sure that the shoot is done legally and hassle-free.


Thailand laws have become stricter for drone pilots, whether it is for personal use (leisure) or for commercial use for the safety of the public. This is where production houses like Wind Up Films step in to ensure all this rules are being followed during your production. Our fixers and pilots have extensive knowledge about drones and regulations of flying drones in Thailand.


Pre-flying checks include checking that the equipment is in good condition, permission to fly if it is on private property, check the environment (weather reports, wind) and the airspace (near tall buildings, what are you flying over) you’re flying in, and finally a contingency plan.


During the flight, make sure that you’re not flying in a way that could potentially cause harm, flying in restricted areas, landing and take off should be unobstructed, the drone should be in sight at all times (not through a monitor or other devices), fly during the day (after sunrise and before sunset) where drone will be visible at all times, not to fly near / in clouds, near an airport or over community areas where people gather, or near other aircrafts. It is also forbidden to cause nuisance, violate privacy rights, mount lasers on the drone or fly closer than 30 meters of people, vehicles and buildings.


Our drone operators know these rules and hence, it’s always a good idea to hire an operator for a commercial project than do it yourself. To get a pilot to fly a drone in Thailand, feel free to contact our producers using the form below:

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