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Myanmar is a spectacular choice for any video production company seeking epic scenery and idyllic natural wonders. Wind Up Films is the video production company that helps you bring the best out of your production in Myanmar. This South East Asian country boasts architectural and archaeological sites as well as an untouched island archipelago. Myanmar also has regions with a drier climate than many other parts of SE Asia. Not only that, but Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, only recently opened its doors to tourism and video production. This is why enterprising companies are increasingly bringing their projects here. They come in search of undiscovered territory, to light up the screen with scenery that imparts a sense of awe on audiences.

Wind Up Films have been operating in Myanmar for many years and we are unparalleled in our local production knowledge. While Myanmar may not have the logistical support and infrastructure a country like Thailand has, it offers other major benefits. Adventurous production companies thrive in this environment. Myanmar is a culturally rich destination, where capturing the perfect shot may not be nearly as easy as it is rewarding.

Wind Up Films can provide all the necessary services to fully convey your vision for your video production here. Read on to learn more about why Myanmar is an emerging video and film production destination. Otherwise, feel free to contact our producers at any time by filling out the contact form below. You can also call or email, and we respond promptly to inquiries or requests for quotations. Now for more on majestic Myanmar!

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Myanmar Video Production Services

BTS look at Wind Up Films during a video shoot, one important stage of all production services offered

Myanmar is one of the least developed nations in the ASEAN region and the world. Therefore, it’s essential to work with an experienced local production company. A good local company will help walk foreign productions through every step of the process. This includes the initial stages of pre-production, through principal photography and right up to the final edit. We can support you at every stage of the project. Wind Up Films know Myanmar well and our services are complete and in-depth. Furthermore, we are well aware of the logistical considerations that are necessary when shooting in Myanmar. There are unique obstacles that can arise during production, and our local producers smooth out the entire process.

Wind Up Films can secure lodging, transportation, and dining for visiting crews and local hires. We are able to offer complete production support, taking care of all the paperwork and administrative aspects. This means that visiting directors can focus on their creative vision. Wind Up Films is widely known throughout the industry as the best in the business and our returning clients attest to this. We’ve worked with a wide array of multi-national corporations and brands, with the likes of Apple, Nike, GoPro, Landrover, Mango, Siemens and many more. Although known for working with the aforementioned brands, we’ve also provided our video production services to documentary filmmakers such as ARTE, Channel News Asia and National Geographic to name a few.

Myanmar Video Production Locations

Aerial shot of the gorgeous scenes Bagan, Myanmar has to offer

Location scouting and permitting are two of the many pre-production services Wind Up Films offer. Our specialized production support is unrivaled and this is why so many of our clients return to us for assistance with Asia Pacific video production. To make sure you avoid delays, we take great care to strategically plan out principal photography. Our local and official Myanmar contacts assist us in speeding up the process of obtaining permits and licenses. Whether you want to shoot in a secluded wilderness location or an urban market, we can guarantee all paperwork will be approved. Certain Myanmar locations will be more difficult to access, like remote northern regions. 

Others are just a short flight away from an air travel hub such as Bangkok. Regardless, Wind Up Films can assist with all the planning, delivery, and transportation.

A stunning view of Inle Lake

Myanmar’s unique natural beauty truly offers up magnificent scenery for any video production’s locations. If you’re looking to capture a scene that best depicts the country, look no further than the ancient city of Bagan. You can capture an aerial shot of this UNESCO World Heritage Sight from the basket of a hot air balloon, high above the country’s lush landscape. Another stunning location on offer, is Myanmar’s Inle Lake. There are a plethora of remarkable locations to explore. We’re certain that with Myanmar’s splendor as a picturesque backdrop, your customers will be left with a lasting brand impression.

Myanmar Crew And Video Equipment Options

Wind Up Films provide the best camera crew and video equipment in the business

Now that you have chosen which incredible Myanmar video production company locations you want, it’s time to gear up and staff your shoot. Many visiting productions opt to import key crew and equipment such as cameras. Wind Up Films can help with this as well, obtaining the right visas and import paperwork. Some crew and gear can also be hired in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. Other necessities can be brought in inexpensively from nearby Bangkok. Whatever decision you make, Wind Up Films will work diligently until all your needs are met. We take great pride in our can-do attitude and work ethic, which is why our returning clients include multinational corporations and luxury brands.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article on why Myanmar is an exemplary location and destination for a video production company. With scenery such as this, your next TVC, viral marketing video, corporate event video or social media video will surely turn heads. Feel free to reach out to our professional Myanmar production staff anytime with inquiries. We remain on call and as always, Wind Up Films are proud to serve as your Myanmar and greater Asia Pacific video production allies. Have a wonderful day!

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